Plot Your Course


Business Planning: create robust and actionable operating plans that you own and are ready to execute 

Product-Market Strategy: quantify your differentiation and how to demonstrate it

Sales Strategy: develop processes to qualify, access, and acquire the right customers and partners

Coaching: work with your team to define clear objectives, agree action plans and improve continuously

Marketing: create compelling stories packaged into engaging content and delivered to the right people 

Operations Setup: you can focus on building your business while the company runs itself


Our process starts with you. We work with you and your team to create robust tools you can use on Day 1, and which can grow and evolve with your business. We do not recycle content or ideas, or leave you with just a spreadsheet and some slides.

Our data-driven methods take input from your team, partners, customers and the industry to build a complete picture of the potential of your business and what has to be done to achieve it. 

We believe in partnerships not assignments. We get hands-on and support every part of your business so you can focus on your priorities while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Above all we believe that success comes from commitment to execution. Everything we create we do for, and with, you and our work is not done until your business is achieving its potential.


Motivated teams with great ideas working to figure out what to do next:

  • Entering a new market

  • Developing a new product

  • Evaluating a new partnership or customer opportunity

  • Raising money

  • Thinking about buying, selling or restructuring


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