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Chris Tholstrup

An advisor, leader, and coach Chris is passionate about realizing the potential of big ideas. 

Chris has spent 20 years guiding companies through challenging times. These include established companies considering new market opportunities, or facing competitive or capital pressures, through to  startups taking their first steps.

Chris's experience spans renewable energy, IoT, private equity, SaaS, professional services, and project finance. He has held multiple CXO roles as well as acting as an advisor to C-Level executives. 

When he is off the clock he can be found racing yachts on the San Francisco Bay, or on his bike training for triathlons. 

Why Loxos?

In Ancient Greece Loxo was one of the three daughters of Boreas (the North-Wind) who were worshipped as demi-goddesses on the island of Delos. The three sisters served as handmaidens of the goddess Artemis (the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, and the Moon). The nymphs presided over the skills of archery--aim (opsis), trajectory (loxos) and distancing (hekaergos).


Loxos Consulting works with you to see your objective, plot your trajectory, and guide you to your target.

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